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Today, the unpacked gold that is being sold in the gold markets leaves remarkable amount of question marks on people’s mind whether it is fake or not. The buyer who does not have any idea about the gold can learn whether his/her gold is real or not only at jewellers. Unfortunately this will cause insecure situation for the gold, affect the confidence of the society and create distortions in-between people who are close each other with their spiritual customs and traditions.

Like all other matters, swindlers may exploit from this matter with the existence of unpacked gold sold in the market and, hence provide unfair advantage in any community where the use of gold and solidarity is the key element.

Even though people from all over the world has experienced the effects of the international economic crisis, hence their investments have weakened in every single day due to economic crisis, the gold gives the chance of investing and protecting their money securely meanwhile increasing its market value.

Therefore, satisfying the demand of people’s gold, which is provided by the most reliable, fastest way and confirming the international standards, appears to be necessity.

Our packaging models which we have developed contains both the ability of providing the need of market that meets the demand in a short time and a proof of authenticity of the product that is inserted within the models by presenting the security applications.

Even people, who do not have enough opinion about the gold, can benefit from their gold that is produced by our company inserting within developed packaging models in line with their need knowing the degree of fineness and the weight of the gold over against fluctuant gold price regardless of the aid of an expert or an analytical weighing balance.