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Our country is such an unprecedented country in the world due to its geopolitical position where its both the political and economic fields have fairly close trade relations with Europe and even USA, and relatively close to the Middle East due to the importance of the bonds of brotherhood and culture that not only local investors are interested in domestic financial market but also foreign investors from all over the world are willing to invest confidently and securely after Turkey has become the new centre of attraction in the field of global financial market. Basically, the only way to make our country, which is always dynamic due to its youthful population and ready for such development, one of the leading countries is to fulfil all individual responsibilities. Beside feeling the joy of reaching to white shoe refineries, which have been dominantly manufacturing gold for ages, in a short time together with our Precious Turkish Refineries especially in the first mini gold bullion manufacturing (as considering the purpose of producing and service, “Investment Gold Bar” would be much more accurate saying), the market competition with these European-based Refineries unfortunately become terribly difficult due to the lack of proper required systematic infrastructure regarding to financial system that is promising profitability in every case to everyone who has Investment Gold Bars, the misperception of some certain national policies and temporary, short-term satisfaction and narrow-minded solutions. The most basic reason for existence and the future of our company’s dream by completing the existing systemic deficiencies in our country and our people to show what is right and what to be real conscious.

From the first day we founded Isgold Precious Metals Refinery, our main goal is always to provide such reassuring, complementary and satisfactory services to everyone we can reach in every case rather than aiming at simply production and marketing activities starting from the fact that I personally have got knowledge, experience and strong commercial relations from many European countries and a couple of other countries all over the world as well as our young and dynamic employees who embraced the company’s vision and mission.

Our objective is to create new ideas and overcome anticipations we may come across in our company where Quality, Service and Continuous Improvement is a lifestyle.

Yours Faithfully,

Erdem AŞIK