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We produce gold to make your world easy and valuable.

First Time Ever in Turkey

Secure Gold Packaging

İSGOLD has been introduced as a further measure of the quality commitment of the company in order to producing only the best and most reliable product. Each product is sealed and packed in protective İSGOLDSecure™ packaging certificate which guarantees the assayed fine precious metals content, weight as well as quality.


İSGOLDSecure is one of the globally registered trademark of ISGOLD which guarantees the assayed precious metals content, weight as well as quality stated on the secure gold packages.


The authenticity of precious metals packed by ISGOLD is under guarantee through ISGOLDSecure including various security layers and systems.

High Quality

The durability of ISGOLDSecure certified packages has been proved by implementing various harsh physical and mechanical applications. Hence, ISGOLDSecure certified packages have waterproof and non-manipulated packaging feature.

Our Solutions

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You will be delighted experiencing ISGOLD services, products and innovative solutions.
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Each product has been produced providing with the weight, fineness of gold and dedicated serial number, official ISGOLD stamp as well as Certification Mark.


ISGOLDSecure is the certification of gold that guarantees the precious metal’s content, weight and fineness.


ISGOLDSecure certified packages have waterproof and non-manipulated packaging feature. The packaging is designed as not to open against fraud actions.


ISGOLD has the ability to create different product types and packaging sizes through all-purpose machines


Every single product is assured lifetime regarding to content, weight and fineness of the precious metal that is packed by ISGOLD


ISGOLD is committed to achieve ever-increasing levels of customer satisfaction taking into the environmental concern consideration.