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Get ready for being captivated by innovation

ISGOLD Gold Refinery Istanbul has carried out manufacturing Mini Gold Bars to many European countries for many years with such an accurate and efficient production methods by adding its own philosophy. Hence, our company, which started production recently in Turkey, targets high quality complete products by offering innovations and progressive packaging and security systems rather than just providing gold production services.

The international gold market where especially the Swiss-owned refineries dominating for many decades is perfectly recognised by our company as being aware of their work-flow closely whereupon the interaction with international knowledge, experience and, most importantly, continuous improvement goal encourage us to create unique products.


Produced different weighted gold bars (i.e. 0.5 gr, 1 gr, 2.5 gr, 5 gr etc.) in order to manufacture Investment Gold Bars are formed by using such methods and equipment in accordance with standards. The fineness and quality of the gold produced is smooth and free of burrs and can be easily understood with a glossy surface.

As stated below, our customers can take delivery of Investment Gold Bars in two different forms that we proudly announce and feel as a pioneer producer in domestic market:

  • Packaging-1

    PVC packaging system has been combined with Investment Gold Bars production for the first time in Turkey by our company that succeeded minimizing the possibility of any security faults and enhance safety of products compared to other existing security systems that have poor reliance upon customers (Please go to Patents). As praised by our European customers for many years, PVC packaged Investment Gold bars, hence customers’ investments, can be protected through long ages with conspicuous show off and strength after production.

  • Packaging-2

    Again, our company has broken new ground in the production of Investment Gold bars by developing and combining gold packaging system inside of the ‘Crystal Box’ for the first time in domestic market holding its patent (Please see Patents). In order not to open and for the safety of the gold produced in the ‘Crystal Box’, an innovative and very special assembling method is secretly used rather than using simple adhesives.

We also use our corporate hologram and encoded serial number method in order to protect the originality of our products and prevent any potential fraud that may occur.

ISGOLD Gold Refinery Istanbul, which holds the products security for the clients at the top spot in many steps and aims to produce developed and spectacular product range, issues necessary certificates with regard to assaying authorised by Turkish State Mint, conducts required inspection at the highest level during the production and does not allow any defective products by means of quality control system.

ISGOLD Gold Refinery Istanbul, Which has got the senior management team aiming to develop and discuss continuously such project(s) that will attract all the attention of our people intended for enhancing their investments, would make an indelible impression by creating an alteration in the gold industry with full of wisdom, unique and most importantly investor-protective projects.